Delivery Manager Pathway

These pathways will assist in the development of skills required within the DDAT capability framework.
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Professional Learning

About the pathway

As a Delivery Manager you need to lead on a range of Agile tools and techniques in our complex digital world.

These courses introduce you to Agile ways of working and thinking and why having an Agile mindset is essential for anyone developing products and services in the public sector.

By following this pathway, you will:

  • Learn the ideas, values and principles we need to adopt an Agile mindset as well as the essential characteristics of high performing teams.
  • Understand the importance of aligning teams around shared purpose and common goals.
  • Be able to demonstrate knowledge of an Agile mindset and how you will be able to apply it in your work.
  • Demonstrate the roles events and artefacts of the Scrum Framework, and the values that teams need to make scrum work successfully.
  • Define the success of a project on the project requirements, ideas, insights and deliverables.
  • Be able to identify the best ways to allocate resources to deliver products and services on time to stakeholders and users.


Delivery Manager Career Pathway

Delivery Manager Pathway

Pathways Key:





Agile Mindsets

This course introduces you to what it means to be agile and what mindset you need to work in an agile way.

Hosted by: Scottish Digital Academy

Why Agile?

This online course is for those who want to explore how to deliver services using agile principles.

Hosted by: Scottish Digital Academy

Introduction to Scrum

This course is for people who want to know more about the Scrum Framework, roles and responsibilities.

Hosted by: Scottish Digital Academy

Product and Delivery Practitioner

Embark on an engaging journey with our two-day Agile practitioner course, designed to immerse you in the dynamics of agile team collaboration and product development.

Hosted by: Calba & SDA

Agile Leadership in Practice

You will experience what it takes to build an effective agile team, the ceremonies and practices to get work done, and how to empower the team to be successful.

Hosted by: This is Milk

What is DDaT?

DDaT means the Digital, Data and Technology profession.


What is the DDaT Profession Capability Framework?

It described the digital, data and technology (DDaT) roles in government and the skills needed to do them. Find out more here: Digital, Data and Technology Profession Capability Framework – GOV.UK (

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