Agile Leadership in Practice - Currently in development

A practical review of leading agile teams where you will experience what it takes to build an effective agile team, the ceremonies and practices to get work done, and how to empower the team to be successful.
1 online session and 2 full days
Led by: Pitor Zielinski

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The course is divided into a half-day online introduction followed by 2 full days in-person where we can focus on practical aspects of running agile teams.  The sessions will consist of discussions and workshops where everyone will be encouraged to contribute.

Half-day – online – Agile mindset and fundamentals – An overview on how to approach any task in an agile way and the fundamental building blocks of agile.

In-person Day 1 – We’ll start with building Agile teams, helping your team build an agile framework within which they will do their work, and getting a good start on your agile project.

In-person Day 2 –  A review of agile ceremonies and how we can help the team adjust their work framework, getting what you need from the team to manage all those involved in the project, and how you’ll know when things are done so everyone can succeed.

Fees and funding

This course is funded by the Scottish Digital Academy. Please read our terms and conditions and note that a fee may be payable for late cancellation or non-attendance.  

Additional information

Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email from us. There may be additional information contained within the email. The course joining instructions will be issued one week before the course start date to your registered email address.

This course is facilitated on our behalf by one of our official delivery partners. You may receive additional information from them prior to or after the course start date.

  • Day 1 – Half-day online 
  • Day 2 – In person  
  • Day 3 – In person 

Both in person days will be held at our delivery partner’s offices

This is Milk

Suite 116-119

50 Wellington Street


G2 6HJ

DDaT skills

Skill level: Practitioner

The course develops knowledge associated with the following skills: 

  • Agile working
  • Methods and tools
  • Team dynamics and collaboration
  • User focus
  • User-centred and agile focussed 
  • Life-cycle perspective

What are the benefits?

By attending the course, you will learn: 

  • How to assemble a team that is focussed on reaching the goal and how to embrace change during the process.  The main focus of the course will teach you to think in a more Agile way with respect to teams and let go of the waterfall misconceptions of Agile in practice.
  • To understand how to embrace Agile for themselves and their organisation, the fine balance of leading an Agile team, and what it takes to succeed.

Who is it for?

This course is for anyone working in the public or third sectors in Scotland and working in a product management, delivery management or business analyst role.

Delivery format

The course is delivered as follows:

  • Online delivery via Zoom
  • In person
  • Regular breaks during training

We encourage you to turn on your camera, however this is not a mandatory requirement. If you have any learning requirements, please contact us before the course begins.

Explore our learning pathways

The development of digital skills can often be a confusing landscape. Our pathways are not intended to be prescriptive, but rather to illustrate breadth and depth of learning and indicate skills progression across DDaT job roles.

Explore our pathways if you’re looking for inspiration on what to learn next.

What is DDaT?

DDaT means the Digital, Data and Technology profession.


What is the DDaT Profession Capability Framework?

It described the digital, data and technology (DDaT) roles in government and the skills needed to do them. Find out more here: Digital, Data and Technology Profession Capability Framework – GOV.UK (

Where can I learn more about DDaT careers and vacancies?

Scotland’s future will be forged in a digital world. A world in which digital skills and technologies will transform our lives. You can learn more about DDaT careers and vacancies within the Scottish Government by visiting Digital, Data and Technology Jobs – Digital Jobs.

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