Welcome to Service Design

This one-day introduction (split over 2 days) is delivered by the Service Design Academy and is designed for those looking to enhance their own skill set or elevate their business.

Live online

Over two days


You’ll leave this activity-led and highly interactive short course inspired with the value of service design and equipped with a plan for you and your organisation going forward to deliver great user centred experiences.

You can take forward into your own practice or your workplace culture, an ability to really ‘see’ the services your customers receive from you and build from there.

You’ll try out proven tools and develop real life skills to bring service design into your role/organisation.

What will you learn?

  • An introduction to good services, and what makes a good service
  • Service design principles and approaches
  • Find your starting point (where you/your organisation is right now)
  • Discover what you need to do differently
  • Mapping the people around you and those who are key to your service delivery
  • ‘Seeing’ the services your customers receive from you and building from there


This course is for anyone who hasn’t used Service Design before and wants an energetic, hands-on and insightful introduction to the design principles and the mindset that underpins service design.

Joining Instructions

This course is managed and delivered by the Service Design Academy. For information and to register interest, please contact them directly.

Service Design Courses – Service Design Academy (sda.ac.uk)

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