R for Data Visualisation

This course will super-charge your productivity with better data wrangling and visualisation skills.

Live online

6 sessions over 3 weeks
Led by: Al Morris

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The Scottish Digital Academy is working in partnership with This is Milk to deliver this course.  

This three week course will introduce you to R and RStudio.  The course is split in to 6 sessions over a 3 week period with self led training in between each session.

What are the benefits?

By attending this course you will learn the following:

Week 1

Session 1 – (1 hour and 25 minutes)

  • Expectation setting/course introduction 
  • Introduction to RStudio
  • Creating your first R script and visualisation
  • How to solve problems on your own

Session 2 – (1 hour and 25 minutes) 

  • Plot customisation
  • Exploring additional plot types 

Week 2

Session 3 – (1 hour and 25 minutes) 

  • Statistical plots

Session 4 – (1 hour and 25 minutes)

  • Static and interactive maps

Week 3

Session 5 – (1 hour and 25 minutes) 

  • Dealing with difficult data
  • Coding best practices

Session 6 – (1 hour and 25 minutes)

  • Course roundup
  • Future directions for development

Each session will start with a summary of any problems delegates have been having, and a short code clinic for helping students fix errors that they may be getting.

Between sessions

Delegates will be encouraged to experiment with what they have learned, trying different visualisations and different datasets.  Datasets will be provided, or delegates can use their own.  Set tasks will also be provided if the delegates prefer more structure for their experimentation.


Who is it for?

This course is for anyone working in the public or third sectors in Scotland.

Delivery format

The course is delivered as follows:

  • Online delivery via MS Teams
  • Regular breaks during training

We encourage you to turn on your camera, however this is not a mandatory requirement. If you have any learning requirements, please contact us before the course begins.

Fees and funding

This course is funded by the Scottish Digital Academy. Please read our terms and conditions and note that a fee may be payable for late cancellation or non-attendance.  

Additional information

Between each session, delegates will be able to message the instructor and other delegates in the group for help on a dedicated Slack channel.

Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email from us. There may be additional information contained within the email. The course joining instructions will be issued one week before the course start date to your registered email address.

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