Getting Started with Data

This resource has been developed in partnership between the Scottish Government, Digital Office for Scottish Local Government and Perth and Kinross Council.
Scorm Package

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This is an e-learning package. It sets out terms of use and basic information regarding implementation of the Getting Started with Data SCORM package. Once you have registered, you will be sent a link to download the .zip folder containing the resource. If you need alternative formats such as HTML or xAPI, please email the Scottish Digital Academy mailbox.

What does this resource aim to do?

Organisations rely on information to see what has happened in the past and to support good decisions being made in the future. People using information need to be able to trust it.

 By the end of the course, learners will be able to: 

  • Describe why information is important to their role and organisation.
  • Describe that there are different types of data used within an organisation.
  • Describe how their actions can create good or bad data.
  • Describe why it’s important to care for their data.

Terms of use

By implementing and using the learning package you downloaded in your organisation, you agree with the terms of use. When referring to ‘you’, these terms refer to the recipient organisation and its staff, rather than any one named individual. 

The package is granted for you to use in perpetuity. In exceptional circumstances, SDA might recall specific packages. If this happens, you will be notified and you agree to delete the content from your LMS/website and destroy any local copies from your computers/servers.

Unless stated otherwise in the content of the course, the intellectual property of the package belongs to Perth and Kinross Council via the Scottish Digital Academy, with the asset covered by Crown Copyright under the Open Government licence. 

The Scottish Digital Academy retains the right to modify the course content, as part of ongoing audit and refinement of SDA offer. It is your responsibility to check you have the newest iteration of the package.

The Scottish Digital Academy will not be involved in local implementation of the e-learning package, or advise on choosing a rollout strategy. This is the role of your local Learning Associate/ Learning Management System (LMS) manager.

E-learning – format, rollout and analytics

You will download a SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model), web (html) or xAPI (Experience Application Programming Interface) as a zip files. SCORM relies on implementation in an LMS. Your LMS administrator should easily be able to upload the zip file into your LMS. Check local guidance for uploading content to your LMS.

As local files downloaded on your machine/uploaded in your LMS, they will not reflect any changes that Scottish Digital Academy might implement to the course subsequently. Due to their format, these files are not editable by you, which means that the content is locked in its current form. In exceptional cases, Scottish Digital Academy might agree to revisit the content at the request of a user or partner.


Implemented in an LMS, SCORM tracks user interactions and completion status within e-learning courses, and can give you insights into learner numbers, completion rates, and learner identity.

For any questions and support, please email the Scottish Digital Academy mailbox.

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