Data Maturity Programme

Scottish Government is running a Data Maturity programme to help public sector organisations use their data more effectively, improving planning, decision making and delivery.

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6 months

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The programme takes a cohort driven approach, with up to 10 organisations taking part in each. 

Organisations who take part will:

  • take part in all project activities (including workshops, speaker and 1:1 sessions)
  • develop and share learnings within the cohort
  • be offered related activities and opportunities to help  build the development of data maturity in their organisation

By the end of the course you will have learned:

  • Your organisation’s objectives around data
  • Your organisation’s current data status
  • The actions required to improve your data maturity
  • The most effective activities to develop and implement your plan

Fees and funding

The programme is fully funded.

What are the benefits?

By attending this programme you will learn:

  • How to realise the ambitions you have for data in your organisation
  • How to develop an outcomes based plan to deliver your objectives
  • How to carry out a data maturity assessment using the Data Orchard Data Maturity Assessment model
  • An understanding of your organisation’s data status, and options to improve this
  • Different aspects of data transformation to support improvement, including the foundations to data maturity (Strategy, Leadership, Governance and Data Discovery)

Who is it for?

The course is for any public sector organisation who is interested in improving their data practices, application and impact.

Additional information

We have closed registration for our next cohort, but if you are still interested in being part of a future one, please get in touch with 


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