Agile coaching

We’re developing our agile coaching service to improve our operating model, to build a sustained approach to building capability across the public and third sectors.


What progress have we made?



This workstream forms part of the Scottish Government Digital Programme and is now in alpha.


Background context

We want to help public sector organisations to develop their own capability, by developing our existing agile coaching service. To date, we’ve been discussing our offer internally across the Digital Academy and the wider Digital Directorate as well as gathering feedback and observations from potential users of this service and other external coaches and suppliers.

We’ve already put in place a number of measures to allow us to be able to work on expanding the scale and scope of the teams we can support. We continue to work with our external coaching partner and have recently commenced working with a course delivery partner to allow the core Digital Academy team to become more coaching focused.

Purpose of the service

In a time of significant change and digital transformation, the need to design and build effective, efficient and fit for purpose public services has never been greater. Our coaching service has a focus on the people at the centre of teams and organisations developing an agile culture to identify solutions to progress, help embed an agile approaches to product and service design and to deliver a range of training courses designed to upskill those working with and leading agile teams.

Benefits of the service

Our coaching service empowers multi-disciplinary teams or senior leaders to work together to design, develop and deliver products and services. It’s an iterative and incremental approach that enables value to be delivered to the public early and continuously. It’s all about providing the end user with credible experiences without the need for a significant one-off launch allowing teams to respond to changes or user feedback without the need to start from scratch. Collaboration and co-construction is based on openness, trust and a set of values and principles that leads to a culture of learning and continuous improvement.

There is no single package of support, rather we work with you to understand what interventions are required before designing and implementing a bespoke service that meets your needs. Our team is open for discussion, information, advice and guidance.


As well as providing agile coaching services by our own lead specialists and agile coaches, we work in partnership with Gnos-Tec, the official coaching service partner of the Digital Academy. We will work with them to provide training and coaching on our behalf, using their experience and qualifications from a global network of highly experienced Associates.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about this workstream, contact us and a member of the team will be in touch with you.

Can I speak to an Agile Coach?

Yes. Our Agile Coaches and Lead Specialists are on hand should you wish to speak to them about our coaching service or training opportunities. Contact us for more information.

Can I suggest a course that isn’t listed?

Yes. Email us and tell us your ideas. We can’t guarantee to provide the course for you but we will listen and include it in our demand planning.

Can the Scottish Digital Academy help me to deliver a bespoke course for my team?

Yes. Email us and a member of our team will speak to you about your requirements.

Is training delivered online?

As a result of Covid restrictions, all our training is delivered online unless otherwise stated. We use a variety of online platforms and you’re advised to check the course details for further information.

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