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We’re developing a new professional learning offer that will build leadership capability across the public and third sectors. The prospectus will bring our leadership courses and programmes into a single place.

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This workstream forms part of the Scottish Government Digital Programme and is now in alpha, which means we’re building prototypes and validating early versions of the prospectus.

Background context

We help leaders to realise their digital potential and to change their organisation. From supporting strategic transformation to mastering personal visions of digital leadership, we enable them to inspire, guide and galvanize, releasing the full and diverse capability of all their people to be change-makers.

The Leadership Prospectus will allow leaders to select professional learning that meets their current needs and helps them think about future development opportunities, as they lead their teams to deliver public services in an increasingly digital world. The courses and programmes in the prospectus encourage leaders to design services with their users in mind, whilst practicing system leadership and an entrepreneurial approach. The prospectus is focused on helping leaders to deliver effectively and efficiently – to achieve more with less waste of resources.

Further information

Some courses and programmes are available now. For internal colleagues, a new programme is being developed for the senior civil service and will be available in the Autumn, with an online short course available in the Spring.

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If you want to know more about this workstream, contact us and a member of the team will be in touch with you.

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