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We’re identifying opportunities to build upon our communities of practice, to better enable engagement and collaboration between DDaT job families and introduce special interest groups.


What progress have we made?



This workstream forms part of the Scottish Government Digital Programme and is now in discovery.

Background context

Strong communities make people feel supported, enable knowledge sharing and harness efficiencies across the business. Overall, the purpose of a community of Practice (CoP) is to create a dynamic and collaborative environment where individuals can learn from one another, share ideas and experiences, and collectively advance their professional goals and the goals of the broader community or organisation.

Knowledge sharing and collaboration: A CoP provides a platform for individuals with similar professional interests or expertise to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and collaborate on projects. This facilitates learning and problem-solving among community members.

Professional development: Members of a CoP can enhance their skills and expertise through interactions with peers, access to resources, and participation in discussions, workshops, or training sessions organised within the community.

Networking: CoPs enable professionals to connect with others in their field, both within their organisation and beyond. This networking can lead to opportunities for collaboration, career advancement, and access to new perspectives and ideas.

Innovation and best practices: by bringing together individuals with diverse experiences and perspectives, CoPs can serve as hubs for innovation and the dissemination of best practices within a particular domain or industry.

Support and mentoring: Members of a CoP can provide support and mentorship to one another, whether it’s through answering questions, offering advice, or sharing experiences. This fosters a sense of community and belonging among participants.

Problem solving: CoPs provide a platform for members to seek assistance and advice when facing challenges or obstacles in their work. By tapping into the collective expertise of the community, individuals can find solutions more efficiently and effectively.

Organisational learning: For organisations, CoPs can serve as vehicles for capturing and disseminating knowledge across departments, teams, or geographical locations. This helps in institutionalising learning and promoting a culture of continuous improvement.

We are working with Heads of Community and Practice as well as community members across all job families to create a shared vision of how we build and support our communities of practice. This will include a practical guide for leaders in the Digital and Data field of how they can support their team and encourage them be part of their communities.

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