Business Plan 2024

Our business plan is a blueprint that sets out the work that we’ll do for the next year. It’s updated annually to reflect any changes in the public sector eco-system.


It’s our aim to scale the Scottish Digital Academy as the public sector centre of excellence for digital capability and the supporting function for the digital, data and technology profession within the Scottish Government. Ensuring that Scotland has a strong, digitally skilled workforce will be a key driver to inclusive economic growth and it will support the ongoing transformation of public services.

The model illustrated below provides a structure for the work that we plan to do for the year ahead.

  • Strategic Priorities – our direction is set by the Digital Strategy for Scotland, which informs our long-term ambition and our strategic priorities.
  • Thematic Priorities – our workstreams are aligned to a clear set of thematic priorities, which support the Digital Programme and how we transform public services.
  • Value and Impact – the work that we do offers value and has a positive impact on public services and people in Scotland.
  • Quality and Standards – we provide high quality experiences and services which support the public sector and the Scottish Government Digital, Data and Technology profession.


Strategic Priorities

To realise our aim, we’ll focus on four strategic priorities for the next year. These are broad statements of ambition that will guide us.

  • Our Profession – we want to support the Digital, Data and Technology profession, emphasising quality and excellence in all that we do.
  • Professional Learning – we want to develop digital skills through high quality professional learning experiences.
  • Talent and Careers – we want to nurture future digital talent by creating progressive pathways, nurturing capability and by promoting digital, data and technology careers.
  • Public Service Reform – we want to support public service reform and the transformation of services across Scotland.


Thematic Priorities

Our strategic priorities are underpinned by a set of themes, which we progress through capability workstreams.

  • Capability Assessment
  • Capability Management
  • Capability Service
  • DDaT Lived Experience
  • DDaT Professional Communities
  • Digital Capability Advisory Group
  • Leadership Prospectus
  • Scaled Agile Coaching Service
  • Scaled Digital Recruitment Service
  • Self-directed Professional Learning
  • Standardised Job Descriptions
  • Standardised Technical Assessments



Value and Impact

We believe that high quality professional learning and leadership experiences will support Scotland as a thriving digital nation. 

Read our latest Annual Monitoring update and explore our key successes and achievements over the past year.


Quality and Standards

Our work is underpinned by our quality and standards.

We report annually on our progress through monitoring. This may take the form of an in-depth report or an update to the previous report, published on our website. Our last in-depth report was published in October 2022, with the next one expected in 2026.

Our new standards were introduced in January 2024 and have therefore not informed any previous reporting, although there will be some similarities compared to previously reported data. We expect that they will begin to inform a better understanding of impact from this date.


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