Transforming to a Data-Centric Organisation through Cloud

In this online webinar, we will share the findings from our research into Supercharging your Data Metabolism and Transforming to a Data-Centric Organisation through Cloud, including The Scottish Government’s approach in this area.
90 Minutes


The main findings include:

  • Cloud & the hyperscalers promise so much for data & analytics— yet cloud is not right for everything.
  • The world’s global IT landscape is fast becoming data-centric. In contrast, traditional enterprises were designed around business units & applications, with data as a by-product as opposed to a highly valued resource. 
  • The result is that traditional organizations are out of step with the dynamic data-centric environment in which they operate, unable to metabolize & act on data at the required speed.

Course Aims and Objectives

Technologists and business leaders keen to understand the what, where and why of cloud for data and analytics will benefit from understanding and applying the paper’s framework.  


This course is only open to the Scottish Digital Academy’s Digital Leadership Programme Alumni.

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