Leading Agile Teams

An introduction to leading an agile team where you will experience what it takes to build an effective agile team, the ceremonies and practices to get work done, and how to empower the team to be successful.

Live online

4 half-days over 4 weeks
Led by: Al Morris

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The course is divided into 4 days with each 5 hour session focusing on an aspect of agile for individuals who manage teams. The sessions will consist of discussions and workshops where everyone will be encouraged to contribute.

Day 1 – Agile mindset and fundamentals – An overview on how to approach any task in an agile way and the fundamental building blocks of agile.

Day 2 – Agile teams and culture – How to create a collaborative and cohesive team for any project. An overview of all the team roles, ways of working, and creating boundaries.

Day 3 – Agile ceremonies and practices – How to reduce meetings and increase productivity. A review and understanding of the processes teams use to grow together and succeed.

Day 4 – Ensuring success – How to let the team reach the goal on their own. From getting a good start to clearing the way to success.

You may be asked to read articles or watch videos before each day’s session.

Course Aims and Objectives

Over the 4 days participants will learn how to assemble a team that is focused on reaching the goal and how to embrace change during the process. The main focus of the course will teach you to think in a more agile way with respect to teams and let go of the waterfall misconceptions of agile in practice.

Participants will understand the fine balance of leading an agile team and what it takes to succeed.


This course is open to professionals leading or starting a team where an agile approach is desirable. No prior knowledge of agile is expected.

Joining Online

You will require a laptop or device with a camera and microphone to attend a web-based video conference call .

During the training we will possibly be using one of the following online collaboration tools, all of which do not require a prior account to access. A link will be provided during the training. 

To view these tools, the learner will require an internet browser that does not restrict them.

  • Google Docs &/or Workspace
  • Mural or Miro
  • Zoom or Microsoft Teams

If this is not possible, please let us know when signing up.

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