Alumni - Essential Cynefin for Leaders

Live online

1 Day

There are currently no upcoming dates for this course. Check back soon!


The Cynefin framework helps us make sense of situations so that we can more effectively guide our decision-making and management approaches. The framework and methods covered in this course can be applied to a range of business challenges by leaders and other members of your organisation. Essential Cynefin introduces participants to the application of the framework and its tools and methods and is a “must do” learning opportunity for those leading and working in complex environments.

You Will Learn 

• Learn new approaches to respond to uncertainty and complexity
• Enhance your ability to contextualise issues and respond appropriately
• Understand constraints and how we can manage them to influence change
• Experience core Cynefin methods and tools to apply in thinking, decision-making and leadership


• Understand the basics of a complexity-appropriate approach to strategy, forecasting and decision making in relation to working within a post-Covid world.


• Online via Zoom and Google
• Regular breaks during training
• Duration 7 hours including breaks


This course is open to members of our Alumni Community.

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