A Strategic Approach to Agile Thinking

An in-depth dive into agile practices and fostering an agile environment over all aspects of an organisation’s functions with a focus on empowering teams to succeed.

Live online

4 Days over 4 Weeks
Led by: Al Morris


The course is divided into 4 days with each 5 hour session focusing on an aspect of agile strategy. The sessions will consist of discussions and workshops where everyone will be encouraged to contribute.

Day 1 – Agile mindset and fundamentals – An overview on how to approach any task in an agile way and the fundamental building blocks of agile.

Day 2 – Agile teams and ceremonies – Fostering a culture that encourages empowered teams to accomplish the organisation’s goals with-in a changing environment.

Day 3 – Embracing agile – How to ensure that teams and stakeholders are able to work together effectively with a focus on success.

Day 4 – Agile strategy – Putting it all together in practice and the consequences of the things you don’t know.

Each day’s session may include small tasks to be completed before the following session.

Course Aims and Objectives

Over the 4 days participants will learn how to empower multiple teams to achieve the goals of a project and foster agile thinking in the whole organisation. 

Participants will understand how to embrace agile for themselves and their organisation to get things accomplished in a changing landscape.


This course is open to individuals who have an understanding of how to lead a team and plan an agile project. Some understanding of agile practices is useful but not required.

Joining Instructions

You will require a laptop or device with a camera and microphone to attend a web-based video conference call .

During the training we will possibly be using one of the following online collaboration tools, all of which do not require a prior account to access. A link will be provided during the training. 

To view these tools, the learner will require an internet browser that does not restrict them.

  • Google Docs &/or Workspace
  • Mural or Miro
  • Zoom or Microsoft Teams

If this is not possible, please let us know when signing up.

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